Monday, 13 May 2013

Yeast Infections

               How to Get Rid of Yeast Infections

Yeast infections can be a cause of embarrassing symptoms in both men and women. So, how do you get rid of yeast infections?
                    But first, what is a yeast infection?
Yeast infection is an inflammation caused by a fungus which is scientifically referred to as candida. This fungus may be present in some women in small quantities without causing an infection, but certain circumstances such as depressed immune system may lead this fungus to cause an infection. Psychological stress has also been found to be a contributing factor in causing an infection, as the immune system is known to be negatively impacted by stress.

Yeast infection can be transmitted between men and women following intercourse. As with women, any condition that impairs the immune system can predispose men to yeast infections.
                     How does yeast infection present itself?
In women, yeast infection can cause an inflammation in the private area leading to an itchy discharge with an embarrassing odor, a burning sensation, soreness and sometimes painful urination. In men, the infection may cause itching, a rash or white patches on the male organ and it may spread to the skin of the thighs, the buttocks and the genital area.
                      How do you get rid of a yeast infection?
Topical anti-fungal creams and prescription medications are the most common treatment, but a holistic plan designed to get rid of the infection naturally, completely, without prescription medications and without recurrence is the smartest move for dealing with candida infections and preventing recurrence.

 To fight this infection, the immune system needs to be strong. Therefore, strengthening the immune system is an important part of getting rid of yeast infections. A holistic approach including dietary consumption of foods like garlic lessens the likelihood of recurrence. For example, the use of stevia instead of sugar and the use of whole grain non-gluten products (such as brown rice, buck wheat bread) instead of refined carbohydrates prevent candida overgrowth.

Maintaining the right acid-alkaline balance stops candida overgrowth. Extra acidity promotes candida overgrowth. Therefore, an alkaline food plan based on alkaline forming foods such as almonds, green juices and most fresh vegetables with only a moderate consumption of acid forming foods such as meat and dairy products will help in maintaining a better control of candida growth. You can obtain these and other holistic yeast infection solution methods guaranteed to permanently get rid of yeast infection and dramatically improve your quality of life, naturally and without the use of prescription medication today.

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